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The company has been established for more than ten years, the business scale and profitability have continued to grow. The company always adheres to the core values of Customer-Oriented & Value Co-creation, organically unifies the development of economy and the fulfillment of social responsibilities, takes the corresponding economic, environmental and social responsibilities as the basis for improving competitiveness, and actively performs the social responsibilities as a listed company.

1. Integrity Management, paying taxes according to the law


2. The company earnestly implements People-Oriented principle, actively constructs a harmonious labor relationship, creates a good working atmosphere and environment for employees, attaches importance to the career development of employees, enhances the sense of belonging of employees, and realizes the common growth of employees and the company.


3.The company has participated in the Help Project public welfare projects and help activities for many times, donating money to improve the living conditions of remote mountain villages, fighting floods and providing disaster relief, setting up special scholarships to support college students to complete their studies, and recruiting migrant workers from poor counties and districts in Ganzhou as employees of the company.



4.The company strengthens the scientific management, pays attention to the environmental protection, and does not let a drop of sewage flow into the mother river.


5.JL MAG donated materials to Ganzhou Children's Welfare Home.


6.On June 9, 2023, JL MAG donated one million yuan to Jiangxi University of Science and Technology.


7、Donation certificate on April 20th,2024